Ira & Ellyn

One of the most unique invitations I’ve done in 2013! Ira and Ellyn wanted something that was industrial, maybe steampunk, or Great Gatsby-inspired? I ended up making the design a little bit industrial, and maybe a little bit art-deco… not my usual style, but I love that it was something different. I incorporated wedding rings (subtly) and the letters I & E into the border design, which was then foil-stamped in black. Elements from the invitation’s design were also used on the cake, cupcakes, and the cover of their amazing guestbook! Looked like a fun wedding too — check out the great photos by Quirky Creatives!

Client: Ira & Ellyn | Printing: Concepts & Technology | Photography: Quirky Creatives

Ira & Ellyn

Ira & Ellyn

Ira & Ellyn

Ira & Ellyn


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